Greetings Internet travelers!

If you’re like me, you love movies. And since you and I are both humans (assuming you’re not a superbear who discovered the ability to read or something) then chances are preeeetty good that you do. And who wouldn’t? Movies are GREAT! They are, pure and simply, one of the most beautiful and astounding forms of art that mankind has ever created and we are lucky to have them in our lives! And while I could very well keep going on for pages and pages about how wonderful movies are, I think you get the point so I’ll spare you! But one thing that might differ between you and me is my love for talking about movies. I love talking about movies almost as much as the movies themselves! I just love conjecturing; turning the plot around in my head,  pondering what kind of message is being relayed to us through the characters, appreciating performances by both the actors and the musicians playing the soundtrack (ahh, movie music), picking apart the intricate details as to why a movie works or doesn’t work, appreciating the craft (either brilliant or shoddy) of all the artists involved whose collective efforts created the final film I’m seeing – I love it all!

For some time now I’ve enjoyed combining my love of writing and love of film together and seeing what happens, and my desire to be a film critic has long been in place. When I was younger I was chosen to be a “Teen Critic” for my local newspaper the Tucson Citizen (now defunct, sadly) and actually got some movie reviews printed in a real, live newspaper. It lasted about 2 summers and then the newspaper stopped running the feature. And while this may have been my last encounter with the world of professional film criticism, it certainly hasn’t deterred me from writing film reviews in other various places. The problem is, those places are primarily random places on the Internet, and are – quite frankly – not worth seeking out. But since this desire – no, this NEED to write about films exists in my psyche, I have decided to found this website in a single, glorious effort to house my rantings and musings! Oh, the joyous wonder of the Internet!!!

Here’s what I can offer: I can’t guarantee you’ll agree with the stance I take on a film, or the meticulously thought out reasons I have for said stance. But, I CAN guarantee that my reviews will be the most in depth and thoroughly contemplated film analyses by the likes of which you’ve NEVER SEEN!!!! You’ll be able to check out the REAL word on both movies you know and love and ones you might have had a latent interest in seeing! No pompous bullshit, no fanciful jargon [except for that], and certainly no boneheaded made-up interpretations – just the STRAIGHT UP FACTS about what makes these movies tick. I have the utmost respect for the universe of cinema, and I’m not about to disrespect it by offering anything but the unvarnished truth about the quality of a given movie. I’ll tell you if you should seek out and glue your eyes to a movie RIGHT NOW or if you should move to a town that doesn’t have the movie within 500 miles and forget it ever existed! I call ’em like I see ’em brothers and sisters, and let me tell you, I see ’em QUITE a bit!

I take the art of filmmaking very seriously. It is an art form, it is precious, and it does have a proper way of being executed effectively. I’ve been watching movies since as long as I can remember: my earliest memory that I can fully recollect is getting out of the car with my parents when I was 4 and going to see Aladdin. Movies have been there my entire life while people have come and gone. Thick or thin, pros & cons, ups & downs, I’m stickin’ with the movies, because they have always been there for me in times of need or times of absolute distraction. And in turn, I’ve always appreciated them for what they are: brilliant works of art created by fellow human beings. This is why I get mad when someone makes a bad movie and happy when somebody makes a good one! And since I love to write, I have a way to express my passion for the art of filmmaking in a way which can benefit others!

So! I hope that just about explains where I’m coming from with this blog I like to call my very own. Because I have all this knowledge of movies and willingness to write about it, this website has been born. A website that exposes the obvious: I SHOULD BE A FILM CRITIC!!!! Thanks for reading, and I do hope you enjoy.

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